Huawei e173 Drivers for Windows 7 and Vista

Huawei e173 drivers for Windows 7 and Windows Vista completely free. If you weren't able to install your 3G modem, download the drivers for Huawei e173 from this site. We will also provide you with the instructions to so that you can install the drivers for your modem Huawei e173 on Windows 7.

My Modem Huawei e173 USB does not works on Wndows 7 or Vista!

One day a friend of mine came to me very worried, asking for help to install her 3G modem Huawei e173, and I offered to help her.

She told me that she went to customer service [in the store she bought this modem], and that they told her that the USB modem had no problem. Her computer computer was the one not working properly.

They told her that her USB ports were disabled. I checked her laptop, and used a normal USB drive, and showed her that the USB port was working fine.

The customer service guys told her to go to the technician to help her install her USB card. They showed her that her device did worked on other computers.

My friend told me that she tried for at least 3 days on a row to install the Huawei e173 device on her computer, and that she researched on hundreds of differents sites on the web for answers.

I couldn't help her right away. I spent dozens of hours trying to install the USB drive, and I even thought that it was malfunctioning.

So when I finally found them, I decided to create this website, so that no one suffers what my friend and I suffered.

Download Huawei e173 Drivers

Download Huawei e173 drivers
Download Huawei e173 Drivers for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98

Product Details Name: Huawei e173 Modem
Brand: Huawei
Model: e173
Category: Wireless 3G Modem

  1. Download Huawei e0173 drivers from the link we provided to you earlier.
  2. Download and install Winrar (its free!)
  3. If you are doing this from another computer [rather than the target computer], save the driver file and winrar into a normal USB storage device, and copy them to the target computer.
  4. Install Winrar
  5. Open the file that contains the drivers.
  6. Enter the recently opened directory. Now open a subdirectory called Movistar, and double click where it says setup.exe .
  7. Choose your language
  8. Choose your country
  9. Follow the instructions
  10. The program will show you an option to automatically start the program once you enter Windows. Please disable this option.
  11. Connect your Huawei e173 modem into your USB port, and check if it is working properly.
  12. Enjoy having Internet!

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